Yancey's Machine Shop
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 Home of the Suwannee Sling (TM) and ROTAX (TM) aviation engine specialty tools and equipment!

LSRM services available for S-LSA, E-LSA, & Weight-Shift aircraft.

FAA & Rotax certified mechanic on-duty to conduct Annual or Conditional inspections & repairs.


This isn't a photo of Yancey's Machine Shop, I just thought it looked great, and it is to pay homage to the machine shops and machinists of old!

W. Craig Yancey

Owner - Yancey's Machine Shop




Welcome to Yancey's Machine Shop, specializing in metal fabrication and prototype development.

Through Yancey Aviation, LLC, we also specialize in repairs, "Annuals", and Conditional Inspections for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), by a FAA certified LSRM mechanic with a Weight Shift endorsement, who is also ROTAX certified through "Heavy Maintenance".

YMS is directly associated with, and experienced with, the service and sales of the "CYGNET III" amphibious weight shift aircraft, designed and built by "Airtime Aircraft", in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

  • At our machine shop, you can order our most popular item, the "Suwannee Sling" (TM), or you may inquire about us fabricating a custom made tool for you! 
  • We have several tools and accessories for Fire Service, Scuba Diving, BBQ or Grilling/Smoking, available now and also in development.

Yancey's Machine Shop is not limited to only fabricating tools, we're also able to develop and build almost anything made of steel, brass, bronze, Stainless steel, aluminum, or acrylic; or that can be fabricated in a traditional machine shop setting.

Feel free to look around the web site and drop us an email if you have any questions.

Receive unparalleled services and products from Yancey's Machine Shop (YMS). We work hard to satisfy your aviation tools or specialty tool needs. We are American owned and operated machine shop, that strives to use as many American resources as possible.

YMS is a Prototype Development machine shop, as well as a Product Line manufacturing shop.

  • YMS is the home for the Suwannee Sling (TM), trail clearing tool, used by several members of the Florida Trail Association (FTA), the Appalachian Trail Association, by the US Forestry Dept., and by many private individuals.
  • We've continued to expand our product lines to include several specialty tools for the line of ROTAX aviation engines, starting with the ROTAX 912 & 914 series Engine Service Mount for workbench repairs and rebuilding.
  • Other ROTAX 912 & 914 series tools will be added as they are developed. Check back frequently for updates on the new tools.

We are a ROTAX certified, repair shop. Specializing in the 912 & 914 series of aviation engines.

ROTAX Certificate #10816150524-2029

We are committed to deliver excellence in everything we do. Our staff knows that the only way we can continue to be a successful business is by making our customers happy.

Our shop office hours are: 8am - 6pm M-F (Sat. by appointment) Eastern Time