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(SKU #YMS-SS-36) - 36 inch handle can be used by comfortably by most people. If needed, simply "choke up" on the handle, as you would a baseball bat.

(SKU #YMS-SS-32) - 32 inch handle - This is a Special Order Item and must be ordered as such.

The Suwannee Sling is a hand tool designed for removing vines, weeds, overgrowth, and small branches from trails, footpaths, or similar areas. 

The Suwannee Sling was developed and built by my grandfather Ray Maxwell, back in the early '70's. He was a Trail Master as a volunteer on the Florida Trail, and was looking for a multi-purpose tool that could be carried onto the trails and would be easy to use by all of the Trail members. He was also a highly trained machinist, and at the time he owned a machine shop in Branford, FL. (He originally wanted to call this tool a "War Club", and he called it that until the day he passed away. That name sounded a little harsh to several of his Trail members, so he changed it to the "Suwannee Sling".)

Each of these Slings are still hand made, from the best materials we can find, and each one is slightly different than the next. That's what happens when things are hand made, one at a time! Each one is now a numbered individual!

They weigh 5 pounds, and has a fiberglass handle, with a hardened steel ax head for cutting heavier foliage and branches/roots, and a double sided bottom blade that cuts with a "golf" type swinging action. The head of the Sling is securely fastened to the handle to prevent separation of the two parts.

The Sling takes the place of several types of other hand tools, and reduces the need to carry them on the trail during any hikes, including work hikes.

The Sling doesn't make any noise itself, other than the sound of a sharp tool swinging through the air and into whatever vegetation you’re working on…, and of course whatever grunts or groans that escape from the operator!

There’s no need to carry any petrochemicals, or spare spark plugs or other parts to operate this tool, but you'll be well served to bring along a diamond sharpening tool or a high quality file, to sharpen the Sling’s edges from time to time.

The Sling is made from a high quality 5150 steel, and the cutting edges of the Sling are hardened to resist dulling, but they will need to be sharpened as needed.

These tools will last a lifetime, if taken care of! I have one that is over 35 years old, and is still working great!

The Sling is also available in a Left-Handed version. Against the advisement from my CFO, we offer the Left-handed version at no extra cost to the customer! 


Using the Sling is NOT a spectator sport!

WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST CHILDREN BEING ALLOWED TO USE THIS TOOL, OR ANYONE ELSE WHO MAY BE IMPAIRED IN ANY WAY! Use the same safety proceedures for this tool, the same as you would an axe or machete.


Prevent striking any of the cutting edges against dirt, rocks, stones, or other metal tools, as it will dull and possibly chip the hardened cutting edges. This could cause injury to the operator or to others in the area!

Please use the Suwannee Sling wisely and safely!!!

Price: $107.50 plus shipping and handling (7% tax for all Florida sales)

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