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ROTAX Aviation Engine tools & Supplies

On this page, we'll be placing many specialty tools for servicing all of the 912 series ROTAX Aviation engines.

Many more tools are in development, so if you have a particular tool in mind that you need, just contact us and we'll discuss "fast-tracking" that tool for production.


"The DUDE" - THE bench top mount for servicing ROTAX 912 & 914 series Aviation engines


This product is called "The Dude", and it's designed as a bench-top mounted engine service platform, to safely secure any of the 912 or 914 series ROTAX aviation engines for servicing and repairs while the engine is removed from the aircraft.

The name, "The Dude", is an inside joke that seemed to fit this device, but don't let the name fool you! This tool is no joke!

It has been thoroughly tested and used by certified Rotax trained mechanics, and it's been found to be a safe and secure way to mount any 912 or 914 Rotax engine, to a work bench for servicing.

Any device that you would mount a $25k aviation engine into, has to be strong enough and secure enough, to safely cradle your engine while you rebuild it or do any light or heavy maintenance on it.

We Guarantee that "The Dude" is that type of tool!

"The Dude" will withstand any torque values that are required to service any 912 or 914 ROTAX engine. 

There are only three (3) separate pieces to "The Dude", but there are five (5) parts to it.

The BASE, the BASE TUBE, the UPPER TUBE, the ENGINE CRADLE, and the Hardened Alignment Bolt & nut.

After mounting"The Dude" to your workbench with bolts/nuts provided by the customer, this tool can be rotated 360 degrees, in 90 degree increments, to facilitate any work that needs to be done on the engine.

Once it's properly mounted to the work surface, simply remove the 7/16" hardened bolt from the alignment holes, rotate the ENGINE CRADLE to the desired direction and reinsert the 7/16" bolt back into the alignment holes. (There's no need to tighten the nut of the alignment bolt beyond "finger tight". That nut is only there to keep the bolt in place during any normal usage.)

This devise will need to be mounted to your work bench-top with 3/8" bolts, washers, and nuts that the customer will supply. (We recommend using Grade 8 bolts, if possible.) Work benches can be made from many different materials and thicknesses, so we can't anticipate the length of bolt that your application will require.

We DO however, STRONGLY recommend that the work bench it is to be mounted onto, be built of appropriate material and sturdy enough to fully support the 130 lb. weight of the Rotax engine, AND the force that will be exerted while working on the engine!

The additional torque force that could be applied to the engine during some of the repairs or maintenance processes for the Rotax engines, could exceed 150 ft/lbs!

So, please keep that in mind when deciding upon a location to mount this device!

We do not warranty any damage to any engine caused by the use of this devise, or the improper mounting of it, or it being mounted to a bench of inadequate materials, or a bench that is inadequately constructed. 

NEW!!! - The 4 metric bolts & washers needed to connect a Rotax 912 or 914 engine to this device, are now included with your order, or you can use the same bolts that you'll remove from the engine's motor when it is removed from the engine mount of the airframe.

LIFETIME Warranty - to the original purchaser, against any manufacturing defects. Contact YMS prior to shipping any defective unit! Original invoice required for replacement. Shipping costs to send a defective unit to YMS, is the customer's responsibility; return shipping costs from YMS will be paid by YMS.


Price - $165.00 + shipping (7% sales tax for Florida orders)

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