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The Door Hinge "JAMMER" device!

The photos at the left, show the evolution of the "Jammer". The unit on the LEFT side of the photos, is the latest upgraded and current version of the device!

This device is an essential tool for any Fire Service or Police "SWAT" type operations, whose possible operations might include entering ANY door, but was primarily developed for making entry into a commercial style, self locking stairwell door.

Since some commercial building stairwell doors lock from the inside, and they only allow exiting, this can create a sreious Life Safety hazard for the firefighters!

Hanging this device on any hinge of the stairwell door, will prevent that door from closing and re-locking, and therefore trapping the firefighter inside the stairwell.

The Jammer takes the place of large wooden door wedges that we used for years, but that were mostly ineffective with the newer doorways in modern stairwells. The Jammer doesn't care if the base of the door is level with the ground or if it is raised up off the level of the stairwell.

This device does not damage the door, or prevent the door from being used again after the incident has been secured. If used properly, and no one tries to force the door to close against the Jammer, no damage to the door will result.

These devices have a "keyring" loop, so that they can be attached to a carabiner clip and then attached to your Bunker Gear or placed in your pocket, for quick use.


$9.75 ea. or

5 for $42.50 + shipping & handling (7% sales tax for Florida Orders)