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BBQ & Smoker/Cooker products

Welcome to the Yancey's Machine Shop BBQ & Grilling products information page!

On this page you'll be able to see some of the products that we have developed over the years.

To order any of these products, you will need to contact us directly by phone or by e-mail.

We hope to upgrade this website to a "Shop On-Line" feature, very soon!



The "Shredder" - Commercial BBQ Meat & Veggie shredder


This is a commercial grade food handling device that will shred ANY type of cooked or smoked meats or vegetables in just a few seconds, instead of 5-10 minutes.

"The Shredder" is manufactured in America since 2011, by American labor, and using American materials.

ALL parts are food grade materials: Manufactured from 304 Stainless steel for the shaft and prongs, and 6061-T6 billet aluminum for the disc.

Unlike other versions of this type of tool, all the parts of The Shredder are replaceable. In the very rare instance that you were to break one of the 1/4" shredder "prongs", they will be replaced for free, but customer pays all shipping costs.

The Shredder can be used by most common sizes of hand drill (3/8" or the 1/2" drill works best), and in either direction. The shaft is milled to accept the three jaws of the most common drill chucks.


1) After fully smoking or cooking the meat or vegetable, remove any bones from meats prior to using "The Shredder", in order to prevent damage to the device or injury to yourself. (This device can break bones that are left in the cooked meat, but it will damage the unit.)

2) Place the fully cooked and de-boned meat, or the vegetable into a suitably large container, (a brand new 5-gal white plastic bucket or a large stainless steel pot works very well. Do not use porceline type pots, because the porcelain   can be chipped off.)

3) Attach "The Shredder" to a drill and tighten up the chuck, (I always cover my drill with a plastic bag to keep it from getting greasy & to prevent anything from falling into the container with the product).

4) Choose a medium speed on drill if possible, then while gripping the container between your feet (rubber sneakers work best), and holding the drill firmly in your hands, turn it on and carefully plunge the prongs of "The Shredder" repeatedly into and out of the meat while the drill is spinning and continue to doing so until the meat is shredded to your desired consistency, which is usually 8 - 10 seconds.

5) Be careful and DO NOT plunge The Shredder too deeply downward through the product, because striking the bottom of the container can damage the tool and possibly create metal or plastic shavings from the container to become mixed into your product!

If care is taken during the shredding process, there's a VERY little likelihood of that occurring.

If you continue to operate "The Shredder" too long, the meat will become broken down until it becomes mushy. That's not generally what most people want for their meat product, but it may be suitable for a vegtable.

Dimensions : 650 grams (1.43 lbs.), Length - 22" x 4.5"

Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser.


Price: $74.50 + shipping (7% tax on Florida orders)