Yancey's Machine Shop
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 Home of the Suwannee Sling (TM) and ROTAX (TM) aviation engine specialty tools and equipment!


This isn't a photo of Yancey's Machine Shop, I just thought it looked great, and it is to pay homage to the machine shops and machinists of old!

W. Craig Yancey

Owner - Yancey's Machine Shop


About Us


As a leading provider of Aviation specialty tools and the Suwannee Sling land clearing tools, I take pride in offering the best products and service possible. I am dedicated to serving the needs of my customers each and every day.

This machine shop was started by my grandfather, Ray Maxwell in the early '70's, in Branford, FL, on the Suwannee River.
He relocated it to north Georgia. After he passed the shop down to me, I had to relocate it back to west central Florida because that's where I live.

It's been a long circle, but I still develop and build our products with the same dedication and attention to detail, that my grandfather did, because he trained me to do it that way!

We look forward to serving you with your "specialty tool" needs, so contact me if I can help you develop your project, or if you have any suggestions about new tools for us to produce, now or in the future.

We've developed specialty tools for the Fire/Rescue services, because they deserve the most innovative tools possible to do their jobs. These tools were developed after 25 years’ experience as a professional Firefighter/Paramedic.

We've also developed devices for Snorkeling and SCUBA enthusiasts, such as 38 cal. “Power Heads” for spear guns, custom spears & Hawaiian Slings, lobster catch bags w/one-way throats, etc.

We have built tools for the BBQing Kings and Queens out there, like "The Shredder" (TM) which turns a 10 lb. smoked Boston butt, into 10 lbs. of "pulled pork" in 10 seconds flat, when attached to a power drill!

We also have the "Capt. Hook" meat hook, which allows you to turn that same 10 lb piece of meat over and around, inside the cooker/smoker without cooking your hands or arms.